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I’m Samantha, I am a hypnobirthing teacher, a yoga teacher and mother of one. I run positive birthing courses at PAUSE. My aim is to help you make your birth a wonderful and calm experience.

I took hypnobirthing classes, and I was extremely excited to give birth. My birth would be considered “traumatic” by some, or complicated at the least, but when my labour took a left turn, not at one point did I panic, or feel out of control. I truly enjoyed every second of my labour, this is the power of hypnobirthing. I’m not here to promise a straightforward “easy” one hour labour, no one can or should promise this, as it isn’t in our control - I am here to prepare you for the best day of your life. I truly hope every client does get a straightforward, easy labour but if it does go off course, that’s ok too and you will have the strategies to manage the experience.

First let me tell you what you what hypnobirthing is not. Hypnobirthing is not “hypnotising” you whilst listening to Enya and sniffing lavender or burning sage from a north facing tree! It’s not just for people who want home births or no pain relief. Yes this would be ideal and the preference for every birth, but sometimes it’s just not realistic. Even if you know you are having a caesarean or know you want pain relief, hypnobirthing still has a place in your birth. We aim to prepare you for labour armed with a toolkit to help you feel calm and confident with any situation that arises.

Hypnobirthing gives you simple, practical and logical techniques to help you enjoy (yes enjoy) your labour.


Childbirth should be a natural event that occasionally needs medical help: not a medical event that occasionally happens naturally.

-Kemi Johnson